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HealthSil… is Diatomaceous Earth Human Grade


When a lonely voice makes ridiculous claims there is reason to be sceptical, but when you are overwhelmed with countless testimonies, over many decades, of exceptional results, then it is time to choose wisely.

Only you are the master of your health, it is you who decides what to eat, how much to eat, what to drink, how much to drink and whether you will exercise or be a couch potato. Good health or disease, it is actually your choice.

Good health is my only choice! What is HEALTHSIL


Your life is a gift, make the most of it ...

“HealthSil or diatomaceous earth is abundant on the surface of the planet and is rapidly becoming our purest form of silica, the substance of life!.“


Remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day!

NOTE: Vitamins are useless without minerals! Read more

We will be making quite a few references to this wonderful book on Diatomaceous Earth by Tui Rose, with her kind permission.

Tui is busy with a new book which expounds at length on the human benefits and we look forward to sharing some of her research with you once we have bought a copy.

You are encouraged to buy your own copy from Tui, there is a link to the right where you can choose a digital version or you can order the paperback.

We thank Tui for allowing us to share her wisdom with all our readers.

Dave Metzler


Healthsite SA

Visit Tui’s website here…

Going Green Using DE

What do Rhinos know that could teach us about health?

This Rhino was mutilated by poachers but it came to this mound of HealthSil to cure itself.

Diatomaceous Earth - Human Grade
Rhino treats itself with Diatomaceous Earth